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Batch Processing and Recurring Payments

Batch processing is an easy and efficient online payment solution that allows you to schedule and process large transaction volumes in a single go.

Upload and schedule recurring payments

xTP Batch Processing allows you to manage and schedule multiple customer card payments simultaneously by simply uploading a file into the secure xTP Batch Processing portal. It is easy to use and simple to implement. It offers a secure and efficient solution that could reduce administration costs and save you time.

Its ideal for businesses processing large numbers of transactions that do not occur in real-time, such as recurring bill payments, memberships or subscriptions.

Benefits at a glance

  • Simply log on and process multiple batches of transactions at once for greater convenience and efficiency.
  • All transactions are authorised online, offering a secure and efficient payment solution that can help reduce administration costs.
  • The solution provides full status reporting of the processing batch while ensuring fast reconciliation and better cash flow for your business.
  • Easy to use online reporting offers convenient access to your payment activity and transaction history.
  • Eliminate time spent manually completing paper vouchers or hand keying transactions via an EFTPOS terminal.A secure method of processing your customers’ credit card payments.

Key features

  • Accepts MasterCard, Visa, EFTPOS, American Express, Diners and JCB
  • Process multiple transactions in the one batch and multiple batches at the same time
  • Easy to use online system allows you to simply login and upload CSV file batches of transactions
  • Receive email or SMS notifications of batch processing completion with the ability to monitor the file processing from upload to completion
  • Access comprehensive and instantaneous transaction reports for reconciliation, transaction monitoring and business analysis

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