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Integrated EFTPOS

Connect all your terminals to your cash register or point-of-sale systems for an easy and efficient payment process.

Simplify and streamline your card acceptance processes with Integrated EFTPOS.

Designed to connect seamlessly to your point-of-sale systems for greater efficiency and easy reconciliation, the solution eliminates the need for double keying transactions between the PIN Pad and your point-of-sale device.

This not only reduces the risks of balancing and settlement discrepancies, customers can now be served quicker with shorter waiting time.

Key features

  • Accepts all kinds of payments including contactless payment option for any transaction under $100 (tap), chip cards (insert) and magnetic stripe cards (swipe)
  • Your logo can appear on screen and receipts, providing a great opportunity to increase brand awareness
  • EFTPOS PIN Pad connects to your point-of-sale system via USB for ease of connection
  • Colour touch-screen functionality with contemporary style user interface
  • Integrated with a number of different point-of-sale systems via PC-EFTPOS
  • Accepts MasterCard, Visa, EFTPOS, American Express, Diners and JCB

Service add-ons

Our value-added services might be optional, but they let you benefit a lot more from your First Data solution.

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