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Global Choice™ Dynamic Currency Conversion Services

An international payment solution that could improve your bottom line

Global Choice™ Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) enables you to offer your international customers an enhanced level of service whilst also earning additional revenue for your business.

With DCC, when an international card is presented, you can offer your customer the option to instantly convert the sale amount to their local currency. This gives your customer the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly how much they will be billed on their statement and you earn additional revenue from conversion fees.

DCC can be offered on foreign MasterCard® and Visa® cards in traditional face to face as well as eCommerce transactions. DCC is available for over 20 of the world’s most popular currencies, enabling you to offer this to a broad range of international customers.

Benefits for your business

  • Earn additional revenue generated by Dynamic Currency Conversion fees
  • Eliminate exposure to foreign exchange rate risk
  • Reduce your total cost of card acceptance
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Attract new customers and be more competitive

Benefits for your customers

  • Make payments in the currency of their choice, either AUD or their home currency.
  • See complete transaction details that will match their cardholder statement with dual currencies printed on the receipt.
  • Purchase with full disclosure of the exchange rate applied to the transaction.
  • Use up-to-date exchange rates based on Reuter’s wholesale rate.

Product features

  • Enable international credit and debit (Visa and MasterCard) cardholders to pay in their home currency
  • Earn revenue from conversion fees
  • Can be used in traditional face to face and eCommerce transactions
  • Instantly converts price from Australian Dollars into the cardholders’ home currency
  • You receive funding as usual in Australian Dollars
  • Supports over 20 currencies
  • Guaranteed rate of exchange from Reuters
  • Point of sale receipt matches cardholder statement
  • Secure, compliant and fully transparent transactions

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